Fraser Straits Marina


In addition to much-needed marine boating facilities, the Fraser Straits Marina will also provide significant economic, social and environmental benefits to the communities near Tin Can Bay.

Economic benefits

Rehandling facility

Pump out facilities

New Tin Can Bay Yacht Club

New berths for Coast Guard

Reduced pressure on existing facilities

Increased public access to waterfront


Economic benefits created by the proposed Fraser Straits Marina include:

  • Employment for the construction industry while the marina is being developed.
  • Direct employment and employment multiplier effects of sourcing goods and services during the construction period.
  • An estimated 62 on-going jobs after the marina has been developed. Some of these jobs would be directly in the marina, others would be in businesses providing support services to the marina and the vessels in it.
  • The offer of very significant in-kind contributions to local organisations which are cornerstones of the local community.


A maintenance dredging material rehandling facility would be constructed at the proponent’s expense as shown on the Fraser Straits Marina Layout Plan. Once constructed, this facility would be handed over to, and operated by, Queensland Transport. It would be used for the placement of maintenance dredged material from the State Boat Harbour's entrance channel as well as other existing channels and other lease areas within the harbour.

Currently, there is no solution for the handling and disposal of sediment from maintenance dredging in the boat harbour. This prevents it from being carried out. The implementation of a rehandling facility is necessary for the harbour's future efficient operation. 


Pump out facilities for boat wastes (sewage and bilge water) would be provided at the Fraser Straits Marina. Currently no such facility exists at Norman Point which likely leads to many vessels moored around Norman Point discharging their waste directly into the Bay. The provision of pump out facilities would improve on the existing situation, reducing the potential for environmental impacts.


In June 2005, members of the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club voted to accept the proponent's offer of a new club house upon approval of the Fraser Straits Marina and a contract being approved by the club's management committee.

This means that club members will have access to a new club house on the north-eastern most part of the site and a new private boat ramp within the yacht club area, as well as public facilities such as walkways, boardwalks and green space.


The Tin Can Bay Coast Guard performs a vital safety role in waters stretching from Indian Head on Fraser Island, south to Double Island Point and extending around 50 nautical miles seaward.

The Fraser Straits Marina Layout Plan shows the Coast Guard remaining in its current location. The proponent has offered to provide the Coast Guard with berthing facilities free of charge.


The proposed Fraser Straits Marina Layout Plan will reduce pressure on existing public facilities by providing additional boat ramps and car parking areas.

Currently, all boats are launched from the public boat ramp. The proposed Fraser Straits Marina Layout Plan includes a new private boat ramp for Tin Can Bay Yacht Club members that will move club members away from the public boat ramp.

Currently, the existing trailer parking area is the main car park at the site. The proposed Fraser Straits Marina Layout Plan includes 250-300 new car parks that will reduce the pressure on the existing trailer parking area.


The proposed Fraser Straits Marina Layout Plan will enhance access to the Snapper Creek waterfront for local residents and visitors through the provision of walkways, boardwalks, viewing platforms and green space.

A public walkway will run the length of the reclamation area adjacent to the marina. This walkway connects to a boardwalk which will provide access between the marina and the existing public boat ramp.

Public access will also be available on the sand embankments constructed to form eastern and southern beaches of the reclamation.

Fraser Straits Marina